samedi 7 décembre 2013

Bear Nail Polish Tutorial!! A Must!

Love bears? Or animals in general? Why don’t you go for a little bit of a bear nail look this winter – it’s very suitable given that this is the time when they stop hibernating! Don’t dismiss it as childish – I’d say it’s quirky and fun! You really just need to paint a good first coat and then as shown in the pic, make sure the bear has a head and ears. Don’t forget the ears – they’re the most important bit… And the nose… And the eyes… You can get the blobs done pretty easily just by using a toothpick or something sharp which will not cause your nails to smudge. At Beautiful Shoes we have a variety of nail DIY’s you can check out. Some of our favourite ones include the drippy nails diy and the peacock nail design which you can check out here. Enjoy ladies!

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