mardi 12 novembre 2013

Such a Beautiful Job With a Great Splash of Colour

I believe that makeup is a real art and simply cannot miss the opportunity to show you this amazing, beautiful masterpiece. It is not difficult, but it does look gorgeous. I don`t know whether it will look so good if you are proud owner of dark eyes, but you can always replace the blue shade with a brown eye.
All you need is a palette with shiny golden and blue eye shadows and eye liner. This tutorial shows the step-by-step pictorial, which will make you look like a superstar.
Don`t forget to start with an eye shadow primer, which will make the colours look brighter and last longer, then apply a coat of gold on the upper eyelid and underline the lower eyelid with royal blue shiny eye shadow. Line your eyes with black liner, to get a more dramatic look and at the end, use a a brush to darken the outer corners.

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