mardi 12 novembre 2013

Step-by-Step Nail Art Photo Tutorial

Today I am brining for you all, one of the cutest a and newest designs on the web! Actually, I love its simplicity as well as the final result. This nail tutorial is perfect for everyone that want’s a simple design, that doesn’t take much time and that looks awesome!
How to do that? well, that’s very simple. You will need white nail polish, black nail polish, and a small brush to create the design.
Start by applying a full coat of white nail polish on all of your fingers; you can go for a second coat if you see that the white nail polish hasn’t done a great job. Make sure to let it dry well before you start applying the design because what I hate most, is having my nail polish ruined, and then having to take it off and put it on again; it’s something that you don’t need, trust me!
After letting it dry well, take the black nail polish, put your small brush in it and on the ring finger, create five dots in the shape shown below; simply follow the picture, nothing hard in there; after putting together the dots in the shape of a bow such as shown in the picture number five, then fill it in and also paint your nail based on the French manicure but with the black nail polish.
After doing so, paint three straight dots that are going to create the impression of shirt buttons; this is a beautiful design that takes only few minutes to do and your nails are going to look clean and well designed; I just love the white nail polish because it creates a very delicate and feminine look on your hand. What are you waiting for? go and give it a go girl! it looks awesome and it only takes two nail polish to create this! stop spending your hard earned money on beauty saloons when you can create beautiful nail design all by yourself without spending a penny!
Step-by-Step Nail Art Photo Tutorial
Step-by-Step Nail Art Photo Tutorial

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