mardi 12 novembre 2013

Brownish Nail Design Autumn/Winter

This brownish nail design is perfect for these cold winter days that we all going through! I love the colours because are so eye-catching, yet perfectly matching with nearly all your outfit!
In order to make this nail design, you will need a dark brown nail polish, a light brown nail polish, tape and a black nail polish with a thick brush to paint the stripes. Start by applying tape on half of your nail such as shown in the first picture, then apply the dark nail polish on the uncovered part of your nail; let it dry and then take the tape off. Apply the lighter nail polish on the other half and let it dry. After it totally dries, then with the black manicure apply a straight line in the middle of two manicures such as shown in the third picture. Paint two straight lines on both of the sides and then let it dry; simply gorgeous and it only takes few minutes to create this design.
No need to spend money on beauty saloon when you can create this design in only few minutes by simply following this easy tutorial.
There are many nail tutorials that can be done using tape and that’s usually to create a straight line. It is hard to create a straight line by hand and tape is one of the most cheapest and most effective ways to create this. If you are looking for other nail designs which you can do by using tape, then have a look at my others nail tutorials. Enjoy and keep your nails fashionable!
Brownish Nail Design Autumn/Winter
Brownish Nail Design Autumn/Winter

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