vendredi 15 novembre 2013

How to Contour & Highlight

Having a well structured face is a dream for many of us; and no matter how much we lose/gain weight to give ourselves the face we dream of; it doesn’t always work. What you probably have heard or seen by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian for example, is that contouring can really transform your face into something breathtaking. Of course as long as you do it right!
In order to make an amazing face contour, you will need foundation, dark/bronze cream powder, light beige/white cream powder and a brush to mix these two together. Start by applying a good foundation on your face and neck as well. Apply the white/beige cream powder on your forehead, nose, check bones and chin. After applying that, add the dark cream powder in the rest of the face where the white cream powder has not been applied. Mix them all together carefully in circular motions and don’t forget to include your neck as well. As you can see, contouring and highlighting adds shape to your face and makes your face figures look more intense and sexy.
There is a big difference from the first picture to the last one; and that is the shade, light and everything else that makes it look feminine and hot!
When deciding to contour your face, it is important you choose the right tutorial on how to do it; because if you mess it up, it’s going to be ridiculous! But that’s why I found this tutorial for you all; because it is easy and very simple to follow. Enjoy and give some highlights to your face!
How to Contour & Highlight
How to Contour & Highlight

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