vendredi 15 novembre 2013

Criss-Cross Headband DIY

No matter if you need a new outlook or you are trying to cover  the hairdresser`s mistakes, you can always use a scarf or any other long strip of fabric. What is more – there is a great diversity of patterns, which you can combine with your outfit. Here is a nice and quick idea, which will make you look great.
Choose a pattern you love (it will be best if the fabric is stretchy, by the way) and lets get to work.
Place the middle of the fabric at your neck`s base, cross it and then cross it once again. All you need to do from now on is to tie the fabric`s ends at the back and you are ready to go!
This criss-cross style will add some accent to your  perfect fit and it will not go unnoticed. Although there are ready-made criss-cross bands, making your own always have advantages like you can choose the pattern and the material, as well as you can adjust it to fir perfectly to your head`s shape.
Criss Cross

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