mardi 19 novembre 2013

How to Apply a Cat Eye

Dangerous. Mysterious. Attractive. These are the words which define a woman who wears cat eye makeup – wouldn’t you agree? If you feel like making a little change today, why not take a closer look at this tutorial.
Choose your favorite eye lining ‘weapon’, get an angled eyeliner brush and a business card (or a little piece of cardboard).
Then place the card, so you can actually draw the cat eye finish with the liner and use a brush to enhance the line, making sure the angle suits your eye shape.
Be careful to make both eyes matching otherwise the makeup process will take up too much of your time.
If you have hooded or small eyes you may want to use eyeliner on thewaterlinemainly because ithas the tendency to make the eye glancesmallerEnjoy!

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