mardi 19 novembre 2013

6 Ways to Shave -Amazing Tips

Keeping the body hairless is a really hard job, especially for women that have to wax nearly every part of their body, and I should know that! After dealing with skin infections and ingrowing hair, I came across with some amazing tips on how to shave and have a smooth skin.
1-Exfoliate: which means before even start shaving, you should exfoliate your skin so the small ingrowing hair can be shaved as well.
2-Pre-shave Scrubs: help get rid of the extra oil on the skin which makes it hard to have a good contact with skin so you can shave the best way possible but pre-shaving helps you go as closer to the hair as possible.
3-Use a Brush: Have you seen the brush some men use when they get ready to shave? well there’s a reason they use it and that is to get the closest shave when matched with pre-shave scrubs.
4-Pick a good razor: meaning that reasons nowadays are produced based on the skin type. Now you can choose the best razor possible. If you have dry skin, the choose one that is made with moisturizing strips.
5-Go against the grain: this is very important both on shaving and waxing. You can never have a good shave with you go on the same direction as the hair grows. You go on the opposite direction.
6-If shaving is not for you, then you might consider start using waxing products. I believe waxing is a great choice, especially as it prevents hair from growing for weeks but it takes time and to be honest, hurts like hell and the ingrowing hair is another deal. Keep your hair hairless even on the cold winter days ladies.
6 Ways to Shave -Amazing Tips
6 Ways to Shave -Amazing Tips

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