samedi 9 novembre 2013

DIY Lace Nail Design

It’s been long now that I have turn my focus on nail designs and nail art-and to be honest I thought I had seen it all when it comes to nail tutorials but not at all! This beautiful lace nail design has taken my breath away.
Start by applying a French manicure using a white nail polish and once that is dry, apply a clear nail polish. After doing do, take a lace and cover your nail with it. Airbrush it carefully in order to take the beautiful design that is shown in the picture and then carefully remove the lace. Clean your skin from the extra nail polish that has gotten out during the airbrushing and then time to add rhinestone or any other nail jewelry you might have.
And that is it! Awesome and very easy. It suits perfectly to all seasons and you don’t have to worry about combining it with your outfit because it combines with all colours and events. It looks very feminine clean and sophisticated. Perfect for women that like to have their hands decorated and looking good.
As you can see this is a super easy tutorial that can be done by anyone and if you have short nails where French manicure cannot be done then considering adding fake nail polish so it makes the design better and the result as shown in the picture below. Say enough to beauty saloons taking your hard earned money for some easy designs you can do yourself without spending a penny!
Try and you will amazed to how good and easy it actually is.
DIY Lace Nail Design
DIY Lace Nail Design

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