samedi 9 novembre 2013

Unique Nail Art Tutorial

French nails are not something new for many of us and although it doesn’t require much skills to make French nails, adding that extra flower that can make your nails look unique and stylish takes a bit of time but with the right tips you will see how easy it can become. In order to make this nail design you will need long nails or you can put fakes ones to make it easier. You can either buy a full pack and glue them yourself or have the glued by a professional, whatever you and your pocket find reasonable!
I bought a full pack of 50 fake nails for only 3$ on the web and absolutely loved them. Whenever I get bored I take them and then glue them again, it works great. Saying that, after applying the long fake nails, apply white nail polish so you can make the French design first or if you like there are some fake nails that come in French design. About painting the blue flower there are many ways you can do it. I have bought a pack of 3D nail colours and they work great. They didn’t come with a brush but that’s okay, I bought a small brush by myself and I learned through picture tutorials how to do the best flower designs and that’s why this one here is a great way for you to get started and make your nails look awesome. This design looks sophisticated clean and very feminine. Worth doing it for winter or summer, it doesn’t matter because it looks very delicate and sexy at same time.
Simply follow this super easy tutorial below and you will have the best design ever!
Unique Nail Art Tutorial

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