samedi 9 novembre 2013

Cute and Easy Updo Hairstyle-VIDEO Tutorial

This is a super easy hairstyle that has been worn by many celebrities around the world and is perfect to do for daily look as well as special events or when wearing classy dresses. All you need to create is a headband and medium hair length at least. Curl your hair before doing this hairstyle in case you have straight hair. Why the hair need to be curled? Well, because it gives more volume and makes it easier for the headband to stay in place.
With a brush give volume to the roots of your hair, especially on the back side. Put the headband on your head and start grabbing small section of your hair and putting it into the headband gently. You may even use pins if you have a hard time making your hair stay in the right place. It is very simple hair style and it takes only few minutes to do it. You can choose different headbands but make sure it is an elastic one so you can put the hair in it. It looks perfect and creates an angelic look. Hope you guys are inspired by this look and try it on ; you will be amazed to how good and easy this updo hairstyle is.

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