lundi 4 novembre 2013

Achieving a Rustic Home Interior

Often times, property owners have that craving for a classic and traditional villa which is spacious enough to have room even for their extended family – on top of having additional rooms for comfortable Sferrabeddings – but are limited by budget restrictions. However, accomplishing this rustic design for their homes do not have to involve breaking the bank; going for the dependable do-it-yourself method is probably the best bet when it comes to reaching the quality they aspire at the price they deserve.
Whether it is for business or pleasure, anyone who has been to the beautiful country of Italy has perhaps seen the extravagance of 1950s concrete farmhouses. Smart, imaginative, and forward-thinking homeowners who have that flair for redecorating get inspiration from these establishments, and transform their elegant homes to give it that cosy rustic feel using these minimal methods.
For the Walls
Digging deep and scraping all the plaster to discover a hidden gem can leave anyone on the verge of living the warm Italian dream or being tied to a costly paint job. This is where homeowners should always be careful, especially when it comes to achieving the rural farmhouse look on the outside. A typical Aviva IEhouse insurance is an essential part to both the structure and contents of a home, but deliberately destroying the house’s façade is an entirely different story. That’s why it is a valid option to welcome the idea of plastered houses. By re-plastering the outside walls with tinted or alternative BWC CompanyVenetian plaster, they can pull off that bucolic effect.
the walls
For the Window
An advantage of a modern farmhouse window is that it’s way bigger than a traditional stone farmhouse window. However, when it comes to redecorating their homes, homeowners veer away from the modern, yet fly-by-night and semi-automatic roller blind. Instead, they opt for the conventional slated wooden window shutters that exude the rustic feel of an Italian house, and provide durability for the everyday wear and tear.
For the Ceiling and Floor
Wooden ceiling beams are a thing of the past. That’s why to counterbalance the lack of wood in the ceiling; homeowners choose traditional wooden furniture and place it in different areas of the house, especially in workshy spaces such as the bedroom. Wooden furniture are usually added as a decorative extra, but there are a number of items that provide needed storage space for clothes, books, etc. In addition, polished and waxed wooden furniture are definite eye-catchers, and are a customary element in Italian homes.

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