lundi 21 octobre 2013

Hijab Tutorial – Chest Coverage

Covering your chest with your hijab requires a huge maxi scarf, we usually feel safe and more covered using pashmina scarves as they are usually the most maxi type of scarves. But sometimes we don’t find the colors we love in pashminas or we feel like we want to try a printed scarf or we just have that bunch of other scarves types that we don’t want to let stored in out wardrobe and want to try them out.
Below is a tutorial showing how you can take advantage of the width and length of any type of scarves whilst keeping your chest covered.
So you need to take the two parts of the width of the scarf place the scarf on your head as showed in the first picture and pin the sides behind, then you have all the length to play with. Follow the steps below and get the final look well done.
Hijab Tutorial - Chest Coverage
Hijab Tutorial – Chest Coverage

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