vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Explosion Nail Art Design Tape Manicure Tutorial

Nail arts are not something new to many of us, actually it is a trend that has been around for years now. We, women love having our nails decorated, polished and fabulous but that of course requires the right knowledge and maybe some great tips on how to achieve it.
Although there are so many professionals and beauty saloons that promise to make your nails whatever design you like, let’s not forget that nails art done by a professional costs and the longest it would stay is for a week so ask yourself, is it worth it to spend money every week on your nails? I don’t think so, unless you are a Millionaire, in cause you are (I am jealous!).
But for the rest of us, those weekly treatments are impossible that’s why I have found some easy and cheap ways to decorate my nails with tape and manicure. I can make so many different designs with simply a tape and different manicure colors. Place the tape as the picture below indicates if you want to achieve this gorgeous nail design.
Make sure to have paint your full nail before applying the tape. You can choose any color you like, I have chose pink in this one. Apply black nail polish as shown below and then add the silver one on top.
Very simple and stylish! It takes less then five minutes to do it and is absolutely gorgeous; try and it you will not be disappointed.
Explosion nail art design tape manicure tutorial
Explosion nail art design tape manicure tutorial

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