lundi 21 octobre 2013

Bag Trends 2013

September is the month where students go back school all around the world; of course that is if you are in Highschool because as far as I remember Universities start on October and if you are in Uni, then you have some more days left to prepare your wardrobe but if you have already started school, don’t worry; you can add a school bag to your closet.
I think most of us rush and buy the wrong bag when school starts and that is for many reasons such as not having the right information, getting confused in a shop full of bags, trying to match it with your favorite outfit! The truth is that bag is going to be part of your outfit everyday, in difference from shoes, top or skirts where you might change them daily; when it comes to bags, we all have 2-3 school bags no more, or at least I never had more than three. I am talking about school bags and not evening bags or clutches.
I mean, while being in school is kinda hard to go and buy fashionable items because it’s hard to afford but now you can buy one school bag such as the ones I have shown below, and wear it daily throughout whole year. Most of these bags combine with nearly all outfit colors, but of course is always best to find the right match!
Brown leather bags might be a great choice if you looking for something that is going to last long as well as match with everything; also beige and brown floral school bags looks really cool. I love the fifth picture myself, pitty I couldn’t find a bigger size of it but believe me, i searched hard and this was the biggest I could find. It is gorgeous and wish I had one similar to it! Simply stylish and perfect for your new school year.
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