dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Mystical Make-up Tutorial

Mystical Make-up Tutorial

What you’ll need:

Light blue, dark blue and silver eye shadow
Crème base eye shadow
Dark blue eye liner
Black liquid eye liner
2 x Eye shadow applicator brush

Apply the crème base eye shadow to all the eye lid
With the applicator brush apply light blue eye shadow to cover the full eye lid
Apply silver eye shadow to the V section of the eye
With the second applicator brush apply the dark blue eye shadow to the crease of the eyelid and blend with the light blue eye shadow
To create the ‘wave’ effect at the side of the eyes – draw an outline of the waves with the dark blue eye liner (shape and size as required) and then fill in the areas with the same dark blue eye liner
Repeat the above step to add circles and star to the eyes
Add eye liner, liquid liner and mascara as normal

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