dimanche 15 décembre 2013

How To Get Cat Eyes-Picture Tutorials

The cat eyeliner is the most beautiful fresh looking makeup you will ever wear. However, learning how to create the perfect wing takes practice-well good tips and techniques also. After gathering all information that makeup artist have given throughout the years, I came to the conclusion that a perfect cat eye can be achieved if you follow these tips: What you will need: a black liquid liner, and cotton swabs (in case you create any bad line that needs to be removed) How to do it: Start by tilting your chin up while looking down. Apply a fine line starting from the inner corner eye till the end-when you are by the end draw the line up on the direction of your eyebrows.
Do the same with your other eye. Make sure they are identical- you don’t want to create two total different looking eyeliners. In case of any mistake, you can correct it with the cotton swab. Try to be careful so you won’t need to use the cotton swabs. And this is how you do the perfect cat eye- one of the hottest looks for women at any age. It widens up your eyes and makes you look trendy as well as polished. The picture tutorials below show you how to create the cat eye step by step. Get inspired and create this gorgeous look.
How To Get Cat Eyes-Picture Tutorials
How To Get Cat Eyes-Picture Tutorials

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