mercredi 20 novembre 2013

What does your sleep position say about you

Each of us sleeps in a different positions. Myself, I like changing my position every few hours and that is because I like to scratch and move around while I am awake and even when I sleep. Maybe you are wondering how can you tell what’s your sleep position? well, if you sleep alone, then pay attention at what position you are when you go to bed and same when you get up. If you have a partner, ask she/him to tell you about your sleeping position. Saying that, I will show you some of the most common sleep position and what’s the meaning behind it.
Foetus: This is one of my favourite sleep positions. It makes me feel good and comfortable. People that sleep on this position appear to be tough but deep inside they are very sensitive.
Log: this is a very relaxing position and people that sleep in this position are usually relaxed and calm.
Yearner: If you sleep In this position then you might know that being suspicious and cynical is not something new. Soldier: they are very ambitious people that have quite high standards for themselves.
Freefaller: are very quick at making decisions and usually have a very nervous personality.
Starfish: people that sleep in this position are very good listeners and quite friendly but don’t like to be on the center of attention. After reading this, what is your sleeping position?
What does your sleep position say about you
What does your sleep position say about you

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