lundi 4 novembre 2013

Tips On How To Wear Hijab and Sunglasses

When the warm weather returns, the sunglasses are the accessory that you can’t ignore. Whether we are nearsighted, or astigmatic or  just paying attention to our eyes, we all need one day or another sunglasses!
An “essential accessory” almost a jewelry and it’s not always easy to choose So to make the good choice we decrypt the trends and fashion to follow interms of sunglasses.
Choice of form
frame selection is essential. If you find the one that suits you and suits your face, thenthe look doesn’t matter, you will be gorgeous.
-You have a square face: Prefer a frame with round or oval shapes which the curves soften the features.
-You have a round face: Prefer “broken” forms, “square”, with angles to “structure” your face. Avoid add-on rounded shapes on a round face.
-You have an oval face: This face is the best proportioned to fit all sunglasses frames.
-You have a triangular face: The sunglasses that are ideal in this case, are an oval frame with rounded top edges, to offset a small pointed chin.

here are some pictures to give you more inspirations
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