lundi 4 novembre 2013

Routine For Flawless Skin

External influences such as cold and pollution weaken your skin tremendously. Here is a care routine ultra pampering to perform daily. Your skin will thank you!
We remove makeup
The cleansing case is an important step to get rid of accumulated impurities throughout the day. For this, we use micellar water, specially formulated for sensitive skin. It’s very soft and it cleanses really well: with one passage, the makeup is removed. For the eyes, we use a two-phase lotion (combination of oil and water) that removes even the toughest waterproof smoky eyes.
We clean
After removing makeup,we clean the skin. We choose a cleansing foam to not attack the skin aggressively. Several times a week, we can also use a gel texture to clean more thoroughly.
We tone up
we use a tonic for three reasons. First, it removes any residual impurities. Then it removes limescale from the water that was deposited on the skin during cleaner rinsing. Finally, it tightens the pores. AIt is really a 3 in 1 essential!
We hydrate
Last step of the routine and not least is moisturizing ! This is the key to having a beautiful skin. we favor a night cream, the thicker and richer texture. It will enable the skin to regenerate overnight.For you the soft skin in the morning!
An eye care is also used to prevent dark circles and puffiness in the morning.

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