mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Smokey Pin up Makeup Tutorial

Are you looking for some fresh looking makeup ideas to wear throughout the day? Well, you have come in the right place. The smokey pin up makeup tutorial is something completely different which you have not seen before. It is a combination of smokey eyeshadow and black eyeliner, but the difference is that the eyeliner is kind of wedged while the smokey eyeshadow makes this look complete. You can apply beige or light pink all over your eyelid before applying this makeup style or you can keep it simple as the picture tutorial indicates so you can have more freedom of trying a more intense color with your lips.
Although I love this girls hair and eyebrows, let’s not talk about the perfect combination of lipstick with hair and the rest of her looks, the truth is that most of us have natural looking eyebrows and hair but that doesn’t mean that this eye makeup will not suit to you. It suits to everyone that applies it right, and below I will show you how you can do that. Simply follow the picture tutorial below carefully and you will end up with the most gorgeous smokey pin up makeup.
Smokey Pin up Makeup Tutorial

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