mercredi 6 novembre 2013

How to Create Converse Shoe Nails-Video Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create this cute design that has gotten very popular lately; it is perfect if you are looking for something fun, attractive and eye-catching. Start by applying black nail polish; apply to coats in case the black is not very intense or hasn’t cover everything well. The paint a two coat of white nail polish across the tip.
Use a silver polish and a tool to create six dots, three on each side. Connect the first two dots in a straight line; then create an ‘X’, then a second ‘X’ and finally connect the first two lines with a straight line. Add a thick black line across the white tip such as the video shows; as for the other nails you can leave them plain and simple or create the same designs in all of the nails. For a better understanding, watch the video tutorial below; get inspired and try this gorgeous look.
How to Create Converse Shoe Nails
How to Create Converse Shoe Nails

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