lundi 4 novembre 2013

Shoe Storage Solutions for Your Home

Just like you store your clothes in wardrobes, it is equally important to organize your shoes so that they can be easily accessed and sorted at the time of need. For this reason we have brought for you some ideas and products that will save your time and space. Have a look…

This one is a shoe drawer with three levels and each level is divided in further three sublevels thus allowing you to store up to 27 pairs of shoes at a time. Isn’t it super space saver?

This shoe organizer takes its inspiration from a ferris wheel. You can store up to 30 pairs of shoes in this shoe ferris wheel that will cost you a sum of $32.94.

If you don’t have even a little space to spare for a shoe cabinet or rack then this one is meant for you. This is a door mounted shoe rack with lots of space. Grab it for a sum of $49.99.

This one is a compact shoe and boot cart with ample space to store your footwear. Its cost is £37.73.

This one is a contemporary shoe cabinet with pop out drawers that are having metal frame sections. You can store up to 16 pairs of shoes in this cabinet. Moreover it also has a drawer to store other things like shoe laces and polishes. Grab it for a sum of £389.21.

You can also store and display your shoes simultaneously by hanging them on mouldings on a wall like this one.

Kids’ shoe storage is also a problem but not now. By using these cute and pretty shoe stands you can store up to 4 pairs at a time. These stands are available in free standing and pull out type and each costs approximately $18.

You can also store one of your favorite shoes in a glass bowl as shown. This idea can be perfect for your wedding shoes that every bride after wedding cherish as a precious belonging. Another way to organize shoes would be to tag the shoe boxes with the photos of the shoe pair inside.

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