dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Ripped Jeans-Latest Trends and Styles

While shopping today, one things would constantly catch my eye, and that was of how every new collection had ripped jeans included in them! I remember wearing my first ripped jeans when I was about fifteen, of course there were nothing fashionable compared to the different and limitless designs you can find today but I still remember that feeling of feeling fashionable and cute in my ripped jeans. Seven years later and ripped jeans are back in trend.
This style goes on and off fashion like any other style of course, therefore sometimes it’s hard to follow fashion as buying new jeans every year might no be in everyone’s budget. That’s why you should also considered ripping your old jeans by yourself. If you do it right you can come out with something really great. How to do that? Start by choosing a pair of jeans you no longer wear or a pair that you are not afraid you will destroy and start looking for ripped jeans designs on the web; or simply get inspired by the ones I have uploaded below. Get scissors, a ruler, a small sharp knife or anything of such kind to loosen the fibbers, and there you have it. Make sure not to cut big holes but instead only small holes and a lot of loosen fibers that gives the impression of ripped jeans rather than being really ripped. Below I have put together some gorgeous designs you can have a look and get inspired for your next ripped jean shopping.

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