samedi 2 novembre 2013

P!nk Handbag Trends

If you have seen the movie “There’s something about Mary”, than you will probably understand my saying of “there’s something about pink” that just have make me fall in love with it badly.
I love pink colour with all its shades because it is the most feminine colour you will ever try and the good thing is that considering it is the world’s colour that symbolises female gender, it is always a hot trend that never fades.
Some of the best and well-known brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Chanel and a lot other companies that have make pink a part of their newest handbags collection.
There are many different colours you can match a pink handbag with such as white, black, gold, purple, green and way other more colours. Actually pink is a great colour to consider for your handbag even for this autumn/winter 2013 because earthy colours match great with an intense pink handbag.
I have put together some of the best pink handbag trends and well-known brands so you all get inspired and embrace this beautiful trend into your daily outfit. Enjoy and stay fashionable with pink
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