mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Kiss Print Shoes

We have seen all kind of different prints on trend, from tribal prints to leopard,newspaper,stripes-absolutely everything! But what you probably haven’t seen before are the amazing ‘kiss prints’!
The kiss prints refer to the kissing lips stamps added on shoes and other fashionable items. I have seen celebrities wearing kiss prints on their dresses, jackets, bags; everywhere and everything but what I love most are the kiss printed high heels.
I am in love with high heel in general and I am always searching for new and fashionable prints all the time; I hate wearing what everyone else wear and I am so glad of finding out this gorgeous kiss printed shoes that has totally inspired me to buy a pair myself. They come in all different colors but this one are more unique than anything you can find because of the colors itself.
They are also perfectly combined with the cute handbag! You can either buy a set of shoes and handbags or buy them separately and then match them yourself; all up to you. If you are not that great when it comes to matching items together, then you should definitely buy them as a set. I am not sure which designer has designed the ones shown in the picture below but the point is that kiss printed shoes look gorgeous, don’t they? Absolutely they do. Purchase your own first pair and you will see the difference.
1Kiss Print Shoes
Kiss Print Shoes

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