mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Ideas on How to Match Your Wardrobe

Are you having a hard time matching your clothing? are you looking for some ideas on how to put a great outfit together? well, below I have put together some awesome combination that I have found on the web that are perfect to be wore no matter the season.
Brown and Black: who said these two colours look too plain together? not if you add some gold accessories! Gold accessories give elegance and beauty to a dark colour outfit; therefore considering adding some if you choose to wear dark and black together (or any other dark colours).
Pink and Peach: these two colours look perfect together! add some good smelling perfume such as Daisy and you are ready to rock the world!
Gold and Brown: there’s nothing like gold and brown outfit for a cold winter night. No matter if you are attending an important event or simply going out on a date or friends, gold and brown are going to make you sparkle!
Simple in Beige: Beige is one of the colours that matches with nearly everything but how about keeping your outfit all simple in beige with a pair of beige shoes/sandals, a sweater and a beautiful watch. These and more outfit ideas below; enjoy and stay inspired for this autumn/winter 2013!
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