vendredi 15 novembre 2013

How to Tightline Eyes

Many of you are familiar with black pencil, eyeliner and all the rest of the makeup kit-but have you heard of the ‘invisible eyeliner’? This method is not new, however not as popular as it should be.
How to Tightline Eyes
Tightlining your eyes gives the impression of having darker and thicker lashes. Make your eyes pop with only few steps that will take you less than 5 minutes:
1- First of all, safety. Make sure your hands are clean because you will be touching delicate areas and you don’t want to get any infections.
2- Now that we made that clear, take your eyeliner and fill the gaps between the lashes (the upper lashes of course!). Try to be as precise as possible.
3- Repeat the same thing on your other eye and you are ready to go. Apply mascara if you want fuller lashes and that’s it. Very simple yet stunning.
tightlining eyes tutorial
How to Tightline Eyes

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