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How to Tie Winter Scarf in 3 Different Ways

Keep warm and look fashionable for this winter 2013! I am about to show you some of the coolest ways on how to tie your winter scarf and look gorgeous! I have always been into scarves and learning new ways of how to tie it-and just recently bought a new winter scarf as it was on sale and I absolutely fell in love with, learning these new ways helped me make my scarf look even better, that’s why I thought to share these tips with you all. Now, you probably know the popular way of just rapping the scarf around your neck without any special knot, but below you will read the three awesome ways to make it different for this winter.
1-Short: This is a cool way of wearing a winter scarf; all you need to do is drape the scarf around the neck, and keep one side shorter than the other and then cross the right side over and make it look like a bow. This is very easy and unique.
2-Artistic: If you are wearing an elegant outfit and want a classy way of wearing your scarf to keep warm then consider the artistic tie knot. Drape the scarf around your neck and make both sides even in length, then tie the knot by the ends and keep it loose around your neck like in the picture below.
3-Long: This kind of scarf is worn by Europeans, and being one myself, I know very well how popular this is; Below the picture shows you how awesome the long scarf knot looks.
How to Tie Winter Scarf in 3 Different Ways
How to Tie Winter Scarf in 3 Different Ways
How to Tie Winter Scarf in 3 Different Ways

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