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Tips and Ideas on How to Wear Gold Makeup

There’s no better time than summer to wear gold makeup-it adds warm and beauty to your face and makes your eyes pop! Although gold makeup is very fancy and glamorous, many women are ‘afraid’ of wearing because they don’t know to apply it properly without looking like clown. There hardest part when applying gold makeup is to make it stay in place.
There are many ways to wear gold eyeshadow, you an go and color your whole eyelid with it , or mix together gold and another color such as : brown and gold, emerald green and gold, black and gold, purple and gold-and a lot more other combination you can try. Another great way to wear gold is by applying golden eyeliner. This is perfect for day look, not too heavy-yet glamorous and sparkly.
How to Apply it: You will need a good foundation in order to keep the gold eyeshadow in place (or use a creamy eyeshadow instead) , a brush, golden eyeshadow , eyeliner if you wish and mascara in the end. Quite simple to do yet beautiful! The pictures below show you all how stunning this makeup looks both for daily wear or evening events to combine with your favorite dress.
Tips and Ideas on How to Wear Gold Makeup
Tips and Ideas on How to Wear Gold Makeup

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