dimanche 10 novembre 2013

How to style a side scallop braid

There is something about side hairstyles that I love! I think is the fresh and youthful look they create-but also very feminine and stylish. You will probably need long hair length to create this side scallop braid but you let your hair grow from now on so you can try this hairstyle as well. I used to keep my hair always above shoulders and just the last year I decided I want to grow my hair long for various reasons: first because i believe every woman looks more sexy and feminine with long hair, and second because most hairstyles request long hair. Anyway let’s focus on this beautiful hairstyles that only takes few minutes and makes you look gorgeous.
If you have straight hair, then use hairspray and blow dry to creates beach waves-as this hairstyles requires wavy hair. If you have thick hair, considering adding some extensions to give volume to your hair. Use bobby pins to make the hair stay in place following the picture tutorial below. and lastly, don’t forget to pin the tip inward and under the the hair so it looks nice and smooth. Simply follow the tutorial below, it is very easy to understand and very efficient. Beautiful hairstyle in only few minutes. Make your hair stylish for a perfect day routine.
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How to style a side scallop braid

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