samedi 16 novembre 2013

How To Style a High Chignon

I love the updo hairstyles and in particular a high chignon such as it shows below. Lately I keep styling my hair in different designs and I just don’t feel much comfortable keeping my hair down-probably because it annoys me and also it takes time to straighten my long hair, that’s why I love beautiful hair styles that only take few minutes to make.
Before start explaining how to make this hair style I wanted to make something clear. Due to many people stealing my original content, my hard work and passion, I wanted to make known that this is an original content of ! Please do not duplicate this, it’s against law and common sense shall tell you that- “common sense, which is not that common anymore unfortunately”. Now let’s focus on this beautiful hair style tutorial. Start by creating a regular ponytail. Lift up some of your hair by creating volume on the upper part of your head and secure it with bobby pins.
Add some spray so your hair will stay in place throughout the day or as long as you intend to keep this hairstyle. As about the knot behind with the pony tail, it is best if you look at the picture tutorial below as it is easier to have the visual explanation rather then me talking about it. It is recommended to use a beautiful headband filled with rhinestones or any kind you like. Have fun creating this beautiful and unique hairstyle. It is perfect both for daily look as well as for evening events.
Styling a High Chignon
How To Style a High Chignon

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