samedi 16 novembre 2013

How to Get rid of Under eyes Circles Naturally

Dark under eye circles is one of the biggest concerns both for men and women; (this is most common in women though). The main factors that cause the under eyes circles is lack of sleep, stress, hangovers and so on. But you should also know that dark under eye circles can be due to genetics also. If your parents have dark circles, the chances for you to have them too is very high but that shouldn’t put you down. There are many ways you can change that and below I will show you how to do that in the most natural way possible. Before we talk how to get rid of under eye circles, let’s first talk how to avoid getting dark under eye circles and that is by: drinking more water, getting more sleep, less alcohol and sugar, avoid caffeine and try not to stress. Home remedies on how to get rid of under eye circles:
1-Massage your eyes with almond oil/ or peanut oil
2-Cut two slices of fresh cucumber and let it rest in the fridge for few minutes and then place it in your eyes for about ten minutes.
3-Take two bags of green tea and place them in cold water for about five minutes, than place them on your eyes.
4-Mint leaves are amazing when it comes to dark eyes. Place crashed mint leaves on your eyes about 20 minutes.
5-Eat foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, and iron. These are some amazing tips you should pay attention to if you want your eyes to look fresh and healthy.
How to Get rid of Under eyes Circles Naturally

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