jeudi 7 novembre 2013

How to restore a shattered compact

Blushes, dry powders, even eyeshadow kits can fall down your hand and smash into pieces! But that can really affect the way you apply it and most of the time it is impossible to hold it in your hand without having pieces fall on the floor; that’s why we often throw them away and purchase new ones but not everyone can afford buying a new one simply because it is broken into pieces. I am about to show you a great and effective way on how to restore a shattered compact. It is very easy and doesn’t require much time. Start by covering it with a plastic bag, then make sure to make it smooth by fixing all the areas with a metallic stick or anything you can find. After doing so, take off the plastic bag and add some drops of alcohol into the compact. Smooth it over with a small brush and then let it dry. The alcohol will dry very fast and you will have your shattered compact back as new! It’s like it never happened! I just wish I could have found this method before throwing so many blushes and dry powders away.
As about the alcohol there is nothing to worry. It dries completely and will not affect your skin. It is very easy to do and I think we should all try this and stop worrying about our broken compacts. Have fun doing it!
How to restore a shattered compact!
How to restore a shattered compact!

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