dimanche 10 novembre 2013

How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid

A New York girl made an experiment putting two pictures on a dating site with two different profiles. The first one she had straight her and listed herself as a professional, while on the second account she putted a picture with curly hair, funny and ready for new adventures. The point to this experiment was for her to see if the hair of a girl (curly vs straight) had any impact on guys-and surprisingly it did! She had many more request on the picture where she had the curly hair rather than on the one with straight hair! The reason of me saying this is because the tutorial below requires you to have curly hair in order to do this hairstyle. If your natural hair is straight then use an iron to make them curly.
This hairstyle shown below it is fun to make daily for school , work or simply when traveling! It doesn’t take much time to do and is super easy-all you need is basic skills on making the braid or ask someone to make it for you. Use bobby pins to keep the braid in place and don’t forget to add hair spray after you are done; This casual look suits perfectly to girls and women at any age because looks youthful and no matter your age you will look young and stylish. You can combine this hairstyle with both casual outfit or a classy evening dress when attending a special event or even when attending a wedding; enjoy and follow the steps for a gorgeous hairstyle!
How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid

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