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How to Apply Dark Lipsticks-Picture Tutorial

Dark lips are a beauty trend right now and we have seen that on many celebrities such as Megan Fox.  When wearing dark lipstick keep the eye makeup light for a more balanced look.
How to apply dark lipstick like a pro? start by using foundation or exfoliate your lips using a clean tooth brush.
Then line your lips with a same color pencil as the lipstick you are using.
Use a small brush when applying the dark lipstick so it doesn’t spread beyond the lined line.
The dos and don’ts of dark lipstick: Don’t go totally goth! You might see the look on runways and is okay for models to wear this look but walking in the street with it might be a bit risky.
Style your hair up, maybe ponytail or bun would do great as part of daily wear.
Use dark cream powder. Give your face the tan look when applying dark lipstick. You will end up looking like a ghost if you wear dark lipstick with super pale skin.
Make sure there’s no lipstick left on your teeth.
Follow the tips above and the picture tutorial below and you will have the best dark lipstick ever. It is fabulous for parties and cocktails, but in the winter you can also wear it as part of your daily makeup.
How to Apply Dark Lipsticks-Picture Tutorial
How to Apply Dark Lipsticks-Picture Tutorial

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