dimanche 10 novembre 2013

Hijab Inspiration- Top 10 Outfits to Wear Daily

Keeping your daily outfits well matched with each other -as well with your hijab is not that hard; all you need is some ideas and inspirational pictures to get you started. That’s why I have brought for you all some of the best daily hijab outfits to get inspired and match your outfit the best way possible. Let’s have a close look at the pictures. In the first picture you see a black and white striped shirt combined with coral maxi skirt, black ankle boots and a peachy hijab (I think it is best if you wear a coral hijab with it, rather than peachy).
As you can see below, most of the girls in the pics are wearing a jacket and that’s not just randomly chosen. It is because of the current weather, windy and cold (at least in most of the world countries). When purchasing a jacket, it is best to choose one with a neutral colour so you can wear it with all different dresses and hijab colours. Have a look at the picture number three. A beige hijab is perfect both for autumn and spring; and that is because there are many ways to match it; and one of the ways shown below is with a printed hijab.
If you are wearing a total dark outfit, then it is best to “brake” the looks by wearing an item with a strong colour such as a pink bag shown in the picture number 8. This and a lot more below. Get inspired with these beautiful daily hijab outfits.

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