vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Flat Iron Your Braids to Make Waves

Beautiful waves are a dream for every girl-no matter if your hair is flat or curly, it will never look as beautiful as waves on a hot summer day-although there are many ways to make waves, there’s nothing easier and in-expensive than using a flat iron to make them. How? Read the steps below. What you will need: Medium/long hair of course. Flat iron. elastics and hair spray.
1-Separate your hair into five or six sections, depends on how much hair you have-keep in mind that the larger the braid the larger the waves.
2-After making the braids, flat iron them, starting by top the of the braid and use the hair spray afterwards- make sure to keep the iron on the braid for no longer than 10 seconds, you don’t wait to burn your hair by keeping it longer.
3-Use the flat iron to curl the ends and that’s it; beautiful waves to make for every season of the year. Gorgeous and super easy!

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