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5 Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

By the age of 35, nearly 40% of men suffer from hair loss, especially in England-where the number has increased drastically in the past few years. It has been said that around 60% of hair loss suffers would rather have hair than friends or money but not sure how true that is. However, what is true and a fact is that hair loss is permanent and that after is gone there’s nothing you can do make your hair grow again. I believe is better to prevent than cure! and that applies perfectly on hair loss. Would you rather prevent it happen or cry your eyes off wondering why your hair is falling and no shampoo or hair product can prevent that from happening. I have brought together 5 awesome natural tips you can apply in order to prevent hair loss.
5 Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss
1-Warm Oil Treatment- Warm oil works perfectly not only for hair loss problems but dandruff also. Heat up natural oil (olive, coconut canola) until it gets warm (make sure is not hot) and gently massage your scalp with it. Do this twice a week and your hair will be shinny and healthy forever.
2-Garlic/Onion or Ginger Juice-Choose any of these product juice and apply it on your scalp, leave it overnight and than wash it off.
3-Get a head massage- Massaging your scalp regularly will help stimulate circulation which keeps the hair follicles active -which means no hair loss.
4-Antioxidants- Green tea is the best antioxidant you can try. It makes your hair grow longer and prevents hair loss. Rinse your hair with green tea and leave it there for about an hour and than wash it off.
5- Practice meditation-Stress is the number one enemy of hair. If you feel stressed and depressed try to see the good things in life; no matter how bad things might be at the moment, remember nothing lasts forever-every good or bad moment has an ending. Tomorrow is promised to know, smile and move on. Your health and hair are more important than the problem.

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