jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Double-Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

The first eyeliner dates back in the Ancient Egypt and as many other beauty tricks, even this one was created/discovered by Egyptian women. Eyeliner is a beauty trick that helps women enhance their eyes, therefore it is very popular and almost all of us use it. However, it takes a lot of practice and time to learn how to apply eyeliner properly. There are many techniques that help you do that, but the eyeliner picture tutorial below is a little bit advanced and requires you at least know the basic rules of applying it.
I think it is easier to draw one line from the inner corner to the out corner of your eyes, by creating a flawless line when creating this look. But if that’s hard for you to do, then just draw small lines until it looks like a full line. Most of us use eyeliner only on the upper lashes. That’s the most popular way and that’s how almost everyone applies it-but with a double winged eyeliner you can get the double effect and look gorgeous. This picture tutorial helps you create this unique and amazing look in only few minutes. Very easy to follow and perfect if you want to create a dramatic and intense look. Get inspired and wear double-winged eyeliner.
Double-Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

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