lundi 4 novembre 2013

Do You Want To Try Making A Screen Divider From Hangers?

Have been planning to write an article about room dividers, but surprisingly came across with this amazing room divider / screen which I couldn’t resist myself writing about it. Decorative room dividers are great in any design concept to add some style, but main purpose of dividers are to separate the spaces for it’s individual functions.

But likearchitects idea of creating this amazingly colorful divider was totally different as they are well known for its experimental, provocative and innovative nature of designs. This screen divider was designed and constructed for the 2012 Oporto Show and the Chromatic Screen installation is constructed of around 2,000 children’s clothes hangers from IKEA – ‘Bagis’ – in four different colors, blue, green, pink and orange that when combined merge into multiple tonalities. This is a true example for the intervention is representative of work that borders between architecture, design, urban installation and art by the design factory.




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