mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Creative Nail Art Tutorial

We all have a bit of an artistic flair in us but sometimes we just don’t display it enough. We here at Beautiful Shoes have come across a tutorial which we think will add a great deal of style into your general day to day look. It’s not a difficult tutorial – all you need is white, green and red nail polish. You’ll also need some cutice nippers, a piece of black string and a small brush.
Here are some detailed but simple instructions to help you go about the nail polishing.
1. Paint your nails a solid white.
2. Add one clear coat but do not wait for it to dry.
3. As soon as you have applied the clear coat, take the black string and create the loopy shape as shown in the pic.
4. Once you have fixed the string on, apply another coat of clear nail varnish. This helps secure the string to your nails.
5. Wait for it to dry. As soon as it’s dry – trim the string with a pair of nippers or clippers.
6. Pick your favourite colors and use your imagination. You can add a bit of color wherever you see fit to please.
7. Your last step is to apply a nice top coat to make sure your nails do not chip.
With sexy nails like that, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!
Enjoy them girls!
nail-tut-403x1024 (1)

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