samedi 2 novembre 2013

Comfortable shoes for healthy feet

All day with shoes that you kill is a real nightmare. For some falling into ill-fitting shoes is just bad luck, others, however, voluntarily subjected to this torture, sacrificing their health in the name of fashion. But how to combine both?
Unhealthy effects of uncomfortable shoes
There is hardly a man who can boast that they have been never killed shoes. And the most common consequences of this include the appearance of blisters, calluses, bruising as a result of excessive pressure and friction between the foot and shoe. And some of the negative effects of wearing pointed high-heeled shoes and a collapse of the arch, the formation of a bunion and varicose veins.
Tips for walking shoes
• Wear shoes that fit you (neither too narrow nor wide), no matter how you like them.
• Do not shoe shoes foot goal. Wearing stockings reduce the likelihood of the formation of blisters.
• Head to the stupid emoticons, not sharp peaks when choosing shoes. So your fingers will not be pristisnati and you will prevent bunion in the future. The closer the shape of the shoe to the shape of the foot is, the more the better.
• If you can not part with the shoes with heels, at least choose those with lower and wider heels.
• It is recommended that the inside of the shoe is made of leather, which is softer and quickly. And it is best if the whole shoe is made of leather so that your foot can ”breathe”.
• Natural, soft and elastic materials and good ventilation of the shoe is extremely important to avoid getting athlete’s foot and odor.

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