samedi 2 novembre 2013

Bronze Eyeshadow Tutorial for Evening Events

Are you looking for some evening event makeup tutorial to create on the next upcoming event? well, I have found for you all an unique eyeshadow that has left me speechless. I know that finding something unique and different is hard especially as nowadays people have seen it all. I have recently purchased some gold and bronze eyeshadow that to be honest didn’t know how to match these two colours together and went on the search for a tutorial until I found this beautiful picture that shows step by step how to achieve this gorgeous look. I find this makeup to be a bit heavy as a day makeup, therefore it is better to be applied for evenings, special events, when attending a wedding or whatever the event might be. Make sure to apply a good foundation before start applying the eyeshadow. Apply the golden eyeshadow such as shown in the first picture and then add the bronze eyeshadow such as shown in the picture. Then with a small brush apply a black line such as shown in the picture number three and four. Add black eyeliner by using a black pencil or liquid eyeliner and then apply the same black pencil on the lower lashes. Apply mascara and there you have it. Beautiful tutorial for all events!
bronze eyeshadow tutorial

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