samedi 16 novembre 2013

Bronze Eye Makeup

This wonderful shimmery brown, gold and bronze look is for those of you, who know that makeup is one of the most powerful weapons women own. You will need Urban Decay’s Naked palette to do it, but if you have similar shades from other palettes, go for them.
Use the “Virgin” shade on the brow bone, the “Sin” shade on the inner lid and the “Buck” shade above the crease. Use “Half baked” for the tear ducts and “Darkhorse” on the outer lid. “Toasted” goes on the mid lid and “Hustle” on the crease itself.
Take your time to carefully blend the shades and when you are done, line the eyes. On the upper eyelid, I usually use liquid liner, but if you feel more comfortable, stick to the pencil.

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