vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Beer Home Remedy For Shinny Hair

Have you seen the gorgeous model’s hair on hair product commercials? Stunning, aren’t they? But is their hair really that shinny and glamorous? Well, a part of it is the special effects but yes, they do have beautiful shinny hair! There are many hair product that ‘swear’ to make your hair healthy and shinny and some of them really do make wonders but let’s not forget, if it’s good- it will not be cheap, and if it’s cheap…well there’s no change for it to be good. But with beer home remedy you can now have the shinny sexy hair you have always dreamed off. Not matter what hair length you have, beer is going to make your hair look healthy and stunning.
Beer Home Remedy For Shinny Hair

Back in my college days there was a girl that used to do this. Her hair was always soft and shinny and that was thanks to beer-which i think everyone should use this method, it’s super cheap and very easy.
How to do it: Buy a beer, every brand you like-open it and put it in a bowl and leave it like that overnight. You want to make sure the alcohol and fizz goes away before applying it into your hair. While having shower, shampoo your hair as you normally do, and then soak your hair ends into the beer. After doing so, wash your entire hair with the left beer. Your scalp need to look healthy also.
Rinse your hair with cold water, just don’t over rinse; you don’t want to take all the beer out.

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