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7 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Small noses are considered beautiful and cute-however, not everyone is blessed with a small nose; especially when it comes to girls, small nose can really play a big rule on how her face features looks, while when it comes to men, a big nose will not brake the looks because he is supposed to look masculine and men with tinny noses are not that cute. No matter what nose size you have, I am sure you always want to make it look smaller; and you can now-without the need of going and having a nose job done. All you need is to follow the steps below and you will become a pro in this.
7 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Nose Look Smaller
1- Use dark matt foundation first- when having a big nose is very important to use a foundation darker than your real skin tone-about 2 shades darker. Apply few lines down start from between your eyebrows all the way down to the sides of your nose. Make sure you blend the foundation very good so there will be no marks left.
2-Contouring- is a great way to give your face as well as your nose the shape that you want. You can contour different areas such as forehead , neck, nose, chicks and so on.
3-Matt Finish- Applying matt powder in the end is essential. Matt finish makeup should cover every shinny area of your face. In case you don’t know, shine can make your nose look way bigger.
4-Blush-Apply blush on your cheeks in order to give the face the right contouring and ‘distract’ the eyes from your nose.
5-Bronzer- is a great if you have just started with these tricks. Make sure you use one that matches your skin color in order to keep things as natural as possible. Apply a bit on your nose and you will see the difference.
6-Use Loose powder- after finishing all the steps above, use loose powder in order to mix all the contouring, bronzer, dark matt foundation and blush together.
7-Shimmer Lips-Apply shimmer on your lips and you will distract people from watching your nose. It works great.

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