samedi 9 novembre 2013


I love making new jewelry out of nothing; not only it makes me feel creative and accomplishing something, but at same time I don’t have to spend a penny to make it because the materials needed-as the picture below shows- are basic and I think nearly all of us have them at home. Colorful gemstones, a buckle, beads (whatever you can find), felt, needle and threat to sew the materials together. I love the baroque look and they are perfect for this new season. You can wear this kind of bracelet daily and look fabulous. When gluing the leather together, make sure to use a strong glue like the one shown in the picture below, or if you can’t find someone like that, just some strong glue that will keep the leather in place.
This beautiful embellishment is a great idea to try for all of you who want to try and do something by yourself. I know that bracelets come in very cheap price and if you go on online sites you can find some great offers but in the end of the day, they are not made with as much love and care as you will make it. You can make two of these and give it one to your best friend or loved one to share the exact same bracelet together. Is a great way to show to people that you took the time and commitment to do something for them and not simply go to a shop and buy it. The picture below shows step by step how you can do that. It is not difficult at all and doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to know is how to sew and glue. All the rest is super easy. In only few minutes you will end up having this beautiful baroque bracelet.

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