samedi 9 novembre 2013


Winter is behind the door and most of us have already got shopping for rain boots but one thing is for sure, they don’t come cheap and most of the time is hard to find an unique design or embellishment. That’s why I thought about creating these gorgeous rain boots with ribbon so they look feminine and keep your feet dry and warm at same time. Supplied you will need: Rain Boots, fabric glue and ribbon. Yes only three items and few minutes of your time and you will achieve this beautiful look.
Try using rain boots that already have laces so you don’t have to make new holes to put the ribbon, and also they design is already there so things get easier. Remove the existing lace and in its place put the ribbon. Choose any ribbon color you like but I thought red would look best with black After placing the ribbon where the picture indicates, make sure to glue it so it takes in place. And there you have it! Beautiful ribbon rain boots that are going to make you dance in the rain like a ballerina. I love to create these DIY ideas because they are unique and I know that when I wear this boots, nobody in the town will have the exact boots as I have, well unless they have read my blog, that would change things, but I am confident to say that I love sharing these ideas because your feedback means a lot. The more positive the feedback the more I get inspired to bring something new to you all.

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