mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Baby Blue Hijab Trends

Blue in all its shades, is a very must have color for each woman, Besides being easy to match with almost all colors, it always add a touch of class and glamour to our outfits.
Each season has its own shade, and blue shades are countless, some believe that all shades can be worn during any season, I believe that too, especially the baby blue that seems to be a summer color. The baby blue can be worn in both winter and summer, actually all shades of Pastel colors are now worn in both season.

What we love about Baby blue?
It’s a feminine color
It’s easy to match
It’s a fresh color that hightlights every detail about your face (when it’s worn as a scarf)

Baby blue scarves have already been tested by many hijab bloggers who gave us ideas of colors to wear with baby blue and styles of clothes to adopt.
We can see above that this color blends with white, black, beige, baby pink, dark pink and all shades of pink in general.
It can also blends with yellow, light green, orange, brown, golden.. etc
Enjoy these looks and pick up the best ideas.
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